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About Atelier Amelia

Founded in 2016 Atelier Amelia was founded by Zhu Ru Chen. In the spirit to support emerging designers. As a designer herself she struggled to find NYC manufacturers to make her swimwear line.


Our Values

Made in NY

We support Made-In New York and are committed to helping rebuild Made-In America.


We constantly promote and support emerging designers and young creative talent in encouraging high-quality products made in the USA.

Passion for People

We are very passionate about our connection with our client's needs every time we take on a project. ​AA understands that many of our customers are just like Zhu Ru in starting their own brand. Taking big risks and spending their own money. ​This is why we invest time to ensure that we find the best ways to create your product. Your success is our success too.

Future Expansion

We are excited to incorporate new technology into the business, particularly 3D fitting, which can exponentially help reduce cost and time. ​AA is constantly seeking out improvements to be the factory of the future. 






Makers Row

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